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For everyone

The Body

The body types

  • Body types and shapes, regular and Plus size : recognize the different types of silhouettes and physical characteristics and how to benefit them.
  • Morphological specificities: shapes and volumes: recognizing how the measurements can give us good indications on the physical characteristics of the client.
  • Measurement: how to measure the client and being able to translate the measurements on a flat garment in order to select the right size.

Cuts and lines

Understand the effects created on the silhouette by the lines, lengths, widths and cuts of clothing.

For everyone

The colors

In this module, we explain the effects created on the silhouette by the colors, patterns and textures of clothing.

  • The symbolism of color
  • Complexion types and contrasts
  • Harmonies and color schemes and patterns
  • Types of patterns and their effects on silhouettes
For everyone

The clothes

The wardrobe

  • Create a balanced wardrobe
  • How to plan purchases
  • The capsule wardrobe
  • Etiquette and dress code

Key pieces
Recognize the specifics of key garments and adapt them to different morphological characteristics

The accessories
Develop the art of expressing your style with accessories according to current trends.

The accessories in detail, how to choose and coordinate them.

For everyone

Menswear styling

Understand shopping behaviors specific to men, the basic characteristics of male morphology and propose appropriate clothing solutions

  • Male morphology
  • Key garments and their fit
  • The formal and casual wardrobe
  • Taking measurements

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