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About us

Les Effrontés is the first style and image agency in Canada.
About us

The company

Since 1999, Les Effrontés offers personalized styling services, fun and witty custom-made conferences and also training for those of you who would love to become a professional stylist.

Why are we called Les Effrontés ?
Because our vision of styling services is based on the development of a unique style rather than trying to follow established rules.

Want a particular style catered to you?
Let our team of skilled stylists help you create your style in the friendly atmosphere of our comfortable private rooms.

Les Effrontés is the bold solution to a question asked a thousand times: “What should I wear?”


Make fashion accessible and find clothing solutions that simplify your life, update the image while staying true to who you are

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Clothing solutions

Propose solutions for a positive clothing image in an inviting environment.

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Innovative approach

Provide intelligent and innovative approaches to issues concerning dress codes.

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Corporate services

Suggest innovative approaches to promoting business in a rewarding, enriching and entertaining manner for both the recruit and the management.

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Establishing high quality standards in the personalized styling industry by offering complete professional training adapted to today’s reality in Quebec.

About us


Make fashion accessible and find clothing solutions that simplify your life, update the image while staying true to who you are.

Founded in 1999 by Marie-Claude Pelletier, the style and image agency Les Effrontes initially offered styling services for men only.

The styling service for women is now available.

There are so many who have different needs that the agency decide to develop  specific services through out the years.  Te first four (4) have been created in 2002.


Les Effrontés finally has a storefront! The team welcomes its customers on avenue Laurier in Outremont.

The same year, the company develops its first conference services and corporate workshops.

The demand is such that it is imperative to train the next generation and create quality standards for the stylist profession. Since no school offers a program the specialized Les Effrontes agency, recognized as the pioneer in her field, developed in collaboration with experienced professionals trainers a training in personal styling.

The style and image agency is now on two floors to accommodate its growing team and the diversity of its services.

The agency now shares the space with Tetu, an intimate and inviting hair salon operated by Francis Tremblay, a talented hairstylist.

To accommodate its large clientele of business people and professionals, Les Effrontes opens a second office in the heart of downtown. The agency located at the corner of Ste-Catherine West and Metcalfe can now accommodate groups of up to 40 people in a practical area.

Les Effrontés turns 10! To mark this important anniversary, 10 activities will be organized throughout the year and for each of them clothing donations will be required in addition to the admission fee to help support Fringues et Cie, a company that helps women get into the work force.

Les Effrontés offers their services in Toronto in collaboration with IMO (Image MakeOver) Consultants. Located on 426 Queen Street West, the agency shares the location with the renowned art gallery Grace Tartaglia, host of Fashion and Beauty section of the show CityLine.

The downtown agency is growing. Les Effrontés now occupy the third and fourth floors of 980 West St. Catherine.

Les Effrontés offers the service : “Les Effrontés in your city .” Contact us to plan our next visit in your area. 1.877.644.4734

Les Effrontés is moving!
As of July 2018, there will be several agencies throughout the city!

Les Effrontés is 20 years old! To celebrate this symbolic anniversary, conferences are offered in collaboration with the very chic W Montreal and in 20 cities across the province.

The pandemic has brought its share of challenges, but it has also brought positive changes. We have developed new online services and modified our styling training to allow greater flexibility in scheduling theory courses.

Les Effrontés now offers personalized styling services at The Bay in downtown Montreal.

April 2022 marks the inauguration of The Quebec Fashion Room by Les Effrontés at The Bay store in downtown Montreal.

The Quebec Fashion Room by Les Effrontés is an evolving boutique promoting over thirty local designers.

With advice from stylists trained at Les Effrontés, you benefit from a turnkey concept featuring carefully selected local creations and a professional, attentive styling service.

It’s the ideal place to discover the full diversity of local talent.

Opening of Espace Styliste by Les Effrontés, at The Bay store in downtown Montreal.

L’Espace Styliste by Les Effrontés is a room designed for presentations, teambuilding activities and individual or small-group styling services.

About us

Video presentation

Who says styling services are inaccessible? Style has no age, gender, or price! STYLE is what makes you unique, it’s your signature!

About us

Company values

Team spirit

For Les Effrontés the feeling of being part of a team as a whole is one of the most important values of the organization. It allows us to identify and maximize each other’s strengths to have a better understanding which reduces the gaps in the organization. This value translates itself and lives within the achievements and respectful attitude within the team but also towards the clientele. It always comes down to listening, questioning and analyzing each’s own ability to participate.


This value is the cornerstone of the organization. For Les Effrontés, integrity is the primary motivation to be consistent with whom we really are. Be an example of honesty in all our decisions and actions. Take decisions that reflect the highest standards of quality and ethics of the profession. Have an irreproachable conduct by respecting our commitment, mission and vision. Being transparent with our recommendations by providing all the information and explanations that can enlighten the client’s decision will ensure our credibility and leadership so that any decision, business operations or staff related cannot be questioned.

Commitment and mobilization

At Les Effrontés, this attitude is to establish a maximum level of involvement in achieving our collective goals, adherence to the transmitted values and their effects in action. It is by working as a team, in a perspective that surpasses the individual’s interest, in order to develop a strategy that will allow us to effectively answer to our mission.

Professionalism and rigor

Professionalism is reflected in all our actions, building on our skills and expertise, it must be reflected through our appearance, our attitude and behavior at work. Rigor on the other hand, is the value that directs our decisions from the accuracy of the methods to the precision of the means used. It ensures the quality of the work, the continuous improvement of our services we provide to our customers and helps to further develop the image of Les Effrontés.


For Les Effrontés, respect without judgment takes into account, for both our customers and our staff, their opinions, needs and expectations in all of our actions and decisions. For us it is a way to act fairly by showing courtesy and compassion for others. Respect should be a universal value that includes both the person and the material used. It needs to become the foundation to maintaining personal, social and business relations.