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Dressing for 2 is the ideal solution to create a complete, fabulous, practical and comfortable wardrobe for the time of your pregnancy and immediately after.

The service

FIRST MEETING: Your stylist will welcome you in a comfortable and inviting place to get to know you, take your measurements and determine a purchasing plan according to your needs, your figure and your budget.

SELECTION: With your profile in mind, he will select for you a beautiful range of clothing. Judiciously chosen, they will be your size, selected to benefit your figure and coordinated according to your personality and your lifestyle.

YOUR FITTING SESSION: You will be invited to a second meeting to try on your new clothes. We will provide you with information on materials, cuts and care; all you have to do is try, enjoy and choose.

Warning! Sometimes, some customers love their look so much that they keep some of their clothes chosen during this service even after their pregnancy.

How to book an appointment

By calling our agency (514.521.4734) we will discuss with you to determine who will be the best stylist for you.

You can also book the ideal time for your service online.

First meeting at our agency (about 1 hour)
Professional advice on how to optimize your current wardrobe and include the essentials of motherhood.
Selection of clothing that will benefit your body throughout your pregnancy and that will assure you comfort and elegance.
Advise on how to reuse the selected clothes.
1 fitting session in the comfort of our private rooms (about 2 hours)
Note that for this service, the clothes presented are sold at regular retail price
Alteration service available

Treat yourself,
or give the gift of style