The ABC’s of style care

Ever ruin your favourite shirt in an attempt to do laundry? Rather wear every single article in your wardrobe before doing a load? Getting to point of sifting through the piles to decide what to wear? Get noticed for your style instead of the funky smells and the...

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Vêtements assortis
Tricks for Effortless Style

Don’t we all crave a wardrobe that is effortless and allows us to get ready without investing too much time or energies? Ladies, the trick is to keep it simple and enjoy the basic pleasures of minimalism with a bold aplomb. Allow us to introduce you...

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5 Key Tips for Buying Clothes Online

In its “Perspective” report published in March 2017, Desjardins affirmed that “the presence of retailers on the web is no longer an option, but an obligation.” You can find everything on the internet, but how do you buy your clothes online without making a mistake? Buy...

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How to Dress When Biking to Work

While many people are attracted to the idea of leaving public transit behind and riding their bike to work in peace, nobody wants to arrive dirty or sweaty to the office. To make sure this fast, cheap, and eco-friendly transportation method doesn’t ruin your whole...

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How to dress well for a first interview

Before going to an interview, during the preparation phase, the question of what to wear on the big day comes up. When you arrive at an interview, it’s important to present a good image of yourself that will remain ingrained in the interviewer’s mind. The...

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