Summer Wardrobe Capsule made in Quebec

14 garments - 1 accessory - for multiple summer look possibilities. Visit the Vitrine Québécoise to discover some 30 local designers. AT L'ESPACE BLANC DU LA BAIE DOWNTOWN 585 Rue Sainte-Catherine O | 2nd floor | Montreal | QC | H3B 3Y5 (métro McGill)   ...

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7 tips for swimsuit care

It's our most faithful vacation companion, the one in which we feel beautiful. Here are our best suggestions for ensuring its longevity. par Camille Faure et Marie-Claude Pelletier   Wash your swimsuit by hand after each use. AFTER EVERY SWIMMING TIME, rinse your swimsuit in clear water to remove...

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5 secrets of a successful capsule wardrobe

A well-prepared capsule wardrobe is a superpower: It offers maximum style, creating many looks with a minimum of pieces! With it, you'll make it through winter and summer with a light, confident and stylish spirit! Discover the secrets of a successful capsule wardrobe, to shine in all...

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The purchase plan

For the sake of economy, for lack of interest in shopping or just because of we don't have time, it happens that we spend a long time without hanging new pieces in our wardrobe.   Recently, Martin returned to our agency. He had just landed a new...

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White hair and wardrobe

Going back to the essential and stop coloring your hair is rarely a decision you take lightly. It is a process, a journey. Even if many young women have adopted this trend, it is quite different for women over 40. Some think it takes courage, others...

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The perfect look in perfecto

by Joumala Sennouni Originally created for bikers almost a century ago, the perfecto has survived the ages and established itself as an essential piece, timeless and practical. From genuine leather to imitation, adjusted cut to oversized, neutral, pop or pastel colors, the perfecto has been available in...

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