Les Effrontés; Monica Giliati Talks, MTL, Trends & Boyfriend Cuts in Women’s Clothing.

Even before Monica officially earned her title as a women’s stylist at Les Effrontés, I was already a major fan of her fashion, styles and looks. Monica knows how to style women like magic on command, and yet, her work always feels so modern, fresh, and inspired. In fact, we can thank Monica’s masterful mix of high fashion status after spending many years in the Montreal fashion industry.

Today, she balances a variety of different jobs, so I was delighted when she agreed to squeeze me in for a one on one to talk about style, Montreal, and the best feeds on Montreal summer trends. Up-and-coming fashion connoisseurs, you may want to take notes.

I’m pretty familiar with the start of your career in the fashion industry, (fun days at Caban) but how did you begin styling?
After leaving the big corporate world, I’ve always known about the agency, and knew that taking up this type of work, was next for me. Having worked in fashion all my life I wanted the type of work that was a little more real. This is with real people, captivating people of all different shapes and sizes…it’s taking fashion and applying it to something more down to earth and human.

Currently, what does a typical day look like, for you?
Shopping, shopping, and more shopping (Laughs & smiles) But I do start off the day by looking over my emails, go over planned events, fittings, clients, and definitely staying active in social media. It’s important for me to keep in touch with Montreal, and let people know about what the agency is doing, i.e workshops and activities. Once that’s done, I go hunt pieces for clients they haven’t necessarily asked for but I know would look great based on their portfolios, personal needs, and silhouettes.

With summer coming up, although we’re way behind this year! Can you tell us what Montrealers, and yourself will be wearing?
Too behind! Lol trends this year are going to be a little late unfortunately because as you can see our weather isn’t the greatest right now. But once it starts to warm up you’ll see Montrealers dress in really amazing colors, prints and denims. There’s so much color out there you’ll be able to wear a solid pastel color top, blazer or pant, and not be over the top. In general Montrealers are very open to wearing a lot of colors since we only get a few short months of summer. Dresses will be strong again like the Peplum dress, which is a definite item to get your hands on, and look for more wide pants and pyjama pants styles in lightweight fabrics (made out of silk or polyester) in a Moroccan print. As for myself it’s all about being classy and chic. It’s all about rocking that wide straight leg pant and of course blazers! ?

Do you have a go to uniform for work and play?
I love the classics, and boyfriend cut jeans, pants, t-shirts and of course blazers. There’s nothing like wearing something comfortable and looking professional at the same time. Women’s Boyfriend Cut clothing gives me the flexibility to accessorize with a blazer or a print to be ready for any upcoming event. ?

Let’s talk demographics..
I tend to deal mostly with a lot of professional women, between 30 and 50. Women who don’t have time to shop, so moms of course, or women high up within companies. I also deal on a regular basis with women whose bodies and silhouettes have changed. The best thing about it is when they say « Monica!, I never thought I could wear skinny jeans. ?

Why is Montreal Fashion so different compared to other North American cities?
Throughout Canada we are the ones who are the most international I would say. Being a very multicultural city with European influences, we have a lot more artists-designers. When it comes to fashion, MTLers love to be creative and explore their limits. We also always look for what’s going on in Milan, Paris and adapt to those trends very quickly but in a more artistic way I would say. ?

Is that why you love Montreal so much?
I love my city, and let me tell you, I’ve traveled a lot, and there are places I adore, and would totally live in, but every little thing that you love about everywhere else, is here! Except for the beach(Laughs)

Do not remind me!… Favorite looks you’ve styled so far?
A lot of my clients say they would looove to look like Kate Middleton, so definitely the professional chic women or that woman who comes in and says  » I want a full jumper suit! » And of course women that come in with a challenge and pick at your inspirations, those are my favorite to style. ?

?Who would you dream of styling and why?
Doesn’t everyone want to style Carrie Bradshaw? Lol. But I have always had a serious girl crush on Canadian actress Emanuelle Chriqui from Entourage. Her Mediterranean beauty is always so elegant and real. And she definitely knows how to pull off a good boyfriend jean and a blazer with the perfect touch of femininity.

The best piece of advice when it comes to shopping?
Don’t look at labels, don’t look at tags! You might be dressing too little or too big; it’s important to try different sizes, because stores these days don’t make everything cut the same way. Most women will go and take the size they think they are and say « ugh doesn’t fit me! » and run out of the stores saying « I hate shopping, I can never find anything! The next thing I would have to say is; don’t be a walking trend junky… just because it’s in trend, doesn’t mean you have to buy it! » However, there’s always ways to adapt it to your personal style. Finally don’t be scared of alterations, you’d be amazed at what a simple alteration can do to your look. You just have to pay attention do those little details and you will learn to love dressing again!

So, what’s next for you?
I definitely want to keep developing more than just a hello and goodbye at Les Effrontés. The best thing about my job is I get to meet new and incredibly strong women every day. We’re all different and each have a unique story to tell. I want to continue my passion in discovering today’s creative designers, both local and international

Les Effrontés; Monica Giliati Talks, MTL, Trends & Boyfriend Cuts in Women’s Clothing.

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