Join the shopping evolution

December 2004
Join the shopping evolution
by Tara Glazer

It’s the Chanukah season and let’s face it – in eight short nights your pants will get tighter and your wallet will get lighter. The retail world is finding more ways for us to spend ourselves gleefully into oblivion. These Montrealers know the biz and give us some InSight into the evolution of the shopping experience.

You look down at your circa-1995 Gap turtleneck and sigh. You look up at the faceless mannequins in the Club Monaco store window prancing joyfully in corduroy, tweed and faux leather and think « Where have I gone wrong?? »

It doesn’t have to take 400 pages of InStyle and Vogue to get your image up to speed. A professional stylist is ready to offer a range of services, from Wardrobe Therapy to Rally Shopping, that can get you styling in no time.

Jeff Golf, stylist at Les Effrontés, a Montreal Personal Image Consulting Service, sees clothing as an important form of expression.

« People are constantly evolving and setting higher goals for themselves, but the image they project doesn’t evolve at the same speed. I help clients develop a better sense of style and unfold a wardrobe that is more reflective of their inner selves, » notes Golf.

Style consultants establish a personalized profile for each client, considering physical features and budget as well as career, hobbies, personal goals and interests when crafting an image for the retail-challenged.

The road to healing starts in the home. Many opt for a three-hour clutter-busting session where a stylist assesses your clothing assets and gets rid of the faded, outdated and shameful. He then upgrades old items by coordinating them and suggesting accessories or alterations to maximize their use.

« Imagine shopping down St-Denis and every window display is in your size, your style, your colors and your budget » proposes Golf, « I try to make it that easy for you. » Clients can also opt for a personalized shopping mission. Either peruse the boutiques with your stylist in tow or have a professional select an array of items for you to sort through at your leisure

Personal shopping is making a tiny splash in Montreal, with services available for both men and women lacking that extra umph in their image. Retailers such as Holt Renfrew and Les Ailes de la Mode offer complimentary personal shoppers and several other private image-consulting firms are popping up around the island.

Check out www.leseffrontes.com