Tricots Erdaine

Erdaine Knits was founded by Jenny Ganbaatar out of her desire to create high quality sweaters made in an eco-friendly way.

As a business school student in France, Jenny had the idea of importing cashmere sweaters from her home country of Mongolia to sell on the European market. This idea turned into making sweaters under her own brand.

With this in mind, Jenny took a knitting course in Germany specializing in innovative 3D knitting (seamless knitting). Shortly after moving to Canada, she realized her dream and launched Erdaine Knits in 2009.

She believes in sustainability and creates unique styles using only natural fibers such as merino wool, silk, linen, alpaca and cashmere imported from France and Italy.
All styles are produced in limited editions in her workshop in Canada.

Her most recent collection Daydream / Rêve éveillé was developed around the chain motif. With retro, glam and rock aesthetic inspirations, this collection is more intimately inspired by what we have been missing for the past few years: closeness, hugs, touch, a sense of connection and belonging…

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