Oscar Mendoza

Oscar Mendoza is a Canado-Mexican designer based in Montreal. With a background in visual arts and sound design, he enrolled in the fashion design program at Lasalle College in Montreal and studied under renowned Montreal designer Joseph Helmer. Mendoza launched his eponymous brand with the vision to design and manufacture unique pieces that complement and distinguish the wardrobe of the contemporary man and woman.

“My collections are the story of a dream, created in a place where reality touches the surreal. Clever silhouettes adorn these illusions, fashion becomes a character in its own right. Inspiration comes mostly from the obscurity or from magic. I often try to metamorphose feelings into shapes, textures, ideas that will decorate people’s behavior or be the tool to express their personality.

After all, what is fashion for, if not an instrument to show who we are, to excel in the expression of our own personality to surpass ourselves and show the world the strong opinions we have.”

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