Marc Alexandrin

“Laica S. Laguerre was born with a passion for clothing. Several factors, both personal and professional, have contributed to the maturation of this seed since 2009, when she decided to enter the Academy. From Volunteer, Intern, Employee to Owner. Human, authentic, natural, she carries the values of MA which is to discover her new rhythm. That is to say, to discover one’s uniqueness, one’s imprint, one’s why, to be able to dance with joy and passion”⠀Inspired by different cultures and street fashion, Montreal designer Laica S. Laguerre founded Marc Alexandrin to help the curvy woman to assume herself and value her natural beauty.

Our presentation at the Bay is a mix of old and new collections. We have the old collection “Homesuite” which is a capsule collection that reminds us of the benefits of being at home with people we love and the importance of making the most of that time.

The new collection is “YADAH” which expresses a ” SHOUT “. Like the flowers, we want to shout in silence. To express our feelings, to bloom and to be grateful.

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