Manik Fashion

“One day, people of all sizes will be able to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin”

This was Manika Gaudet’s dream when she graduated from the Notre-Dame-de-Foy Campus in Quebec City in 1999. Awarded a bursary for her performance in the field and winner of several fashion competitions, this young graduate had a growing enthusiasm for the world of commercial ready-to-wear. Confident that she had chosen her field of passion, she quickly saw her desires come to fruition…

A few years later, Manika found herself head designer of BGN&CO, a label rich in stylish European-inspired clothing for which she worked for over 12 years. Having launched her artistic clothing line Manik Fashion, she now focuses on the perpetual quest for novelty, the creation of distinctive designs, mastery of cut and uncompromising comfort, with the aim of delighting and benefiting all silhouettes.

Presented at La Vitrine Québécoise…

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