Louve is an independent jewelry line based in Montreal. Its collections are imagined and handcrafted by designer Vivi Lamarre. Inspired by the warmth of wood and leather, she creates her jewelry using line and geometric shapes, which she combines to create hybrid and minimalist pieces. Her graphic and pure compositions favor simple, yet singular arrangements.

Each piece is made in Quebec and meticulously crafted, one at a time, with great attention to detail and respect for the material.

Her most recent collection Daydream / Rêve éveillé was developed around the chain motif. Carried by aesthetic inspirations with retro, glam, rock tendencies, this collection is more intimately inspired by what we have been missing for the last few years: closeness, hugs, touch, the feeling of connection and belonging…

Daydream is a tribute to the individuals who make up our chains; the links that form our communities. It is a semi-conscious dream about solidarity, mutual aid and human ties. The bold and imposing pieces that make up this series are a reflection of our collective and individual courage.

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