Launched in December 2021, a graphic creation is unveiled at each equinox and solstice to celebrate change and highlight new beginnings, bringing a fresh breeze to the mind and heart.

The squares are available in two formats (35×35” and 16×16”) in Habotai 8mm silk. Limited edition version with printed serial number, like a work of art to its collector.

DELINOR squares are created, digitally printed and sewn in Montreal, Quebec.


A customizable square

What better way to express yourself!

The Les Mots d’Amour option lets you add a sentimental note or simply a word or phrase of inspiration and motivation to the bottom of the DELINOR square – to give to a loved one, or to give as a gift yourself!

Montreal artist-designer Léonor Leclair has over 18 years’ experience in high-end, made-to-measure products, with 300+ designs created for exclusive collections on the North American market. Her artistic development began in her youth. Born to artist parents – a photographer father and a painter mother – a sense of curiosity and exploration was always present. Having traveled around the world from early childhood, her unconscious mind was imbued with a wide and eclectic range of styles. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Design and Urban Studies (Concordia University, 2004), his artistic approach combines the refinement of detail with a range of interactions and connections. He brings a poetic radiance to his artworks and designs. Since 2021, the exploration of textiles has become predominant in his career path, where a whole world remains to be developed!

Where does inspiration come from?
Exploring the everyday and catching glimmers of the subtlest details, DELINOR’s original works are made from photographs capturing a movement, reflection, texture or imperfection that caught the eye. All lines and shapes dance together to create delicate or contrasting accents.

Eco-socially responsible fashion
In order to raise consumer awareness and reduce mass production, DELINOR squares are produced in small quantities and are mainly on special order.

DELINOR is also committed to donating 20% of silk square sales to humanitarian aid and the fight against climate change. The organizations chosen for 2023 are: Canadian Red Cross & Dirt Charity.

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