After selling a few capsule collections in underground boutiques in New York and Montreal, Judith Desjardins launched her BODYBAG by Jude label in 1998.


Aimed at a clientele that frequented clubs and raves, this new label embodies a reflection on life and death, on the ephemeral nature of existence. It’s a hymn to life, designed to foster appreciation of the present moment and the beauty that surrounds us, and to highlight the uniqueness of each person and the clothes they wear.

The name ”BODYBAG” refers directly to the body bag found in mortuaries. In short, our “BODYBAG” is the last piece of clothing we’ll ever wear, so let’s wear it with style.

The brand has evolved over time to become a contemporary brand offering comfortable pieces for young professionals and their lifestyles. A subtle balance between chic and avant-garde, perfectly suited to a stylish daily life.

Entirely designed and manufactured in Montreal, Canada, BODYBAG stands out for the versatility of its styles and its impeccable, timeless cuts. What’s more, the use of top-quality fabrics and innovative details are the hallmarks of the brand’s structured, feminine style. After almost 25 years of hard work, BODYBAG by Jude is undoubtedly a key figure in today’s Quebec fashion landscape.

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