atelier b

Anne-Marie and Catherine are the inseparable friends who founded atelier b in 2009. Their sustainable, minimalist clothing collections for men, women and children are gently crafted in Montreal from natural-fiber textiles.


From a workshop in their apartment while still students to their Mile End atelier-boutique, the project has grown with them. The key values of slow design have remained central to every decision the two friends have made. In fact, their circular economy project has made the brand the first in Canada to have zero waste manufacturing. Their atelier b end-of-life garment collection program, which complements the quality guarantee and repair service, demonstrates the two friends’ concern for the life cycle of every garment created at their atelier.
atelier b is about multiplicity, togetherness and family.

It’s about refined, original and authentic collections, where products respect textile and garment-making traditions while innovating in terms of sustainable development. It’s a quiet force that moves forward slowly but surely, with a sense of playfulness and festivity.

Presented at La Vitrine Québécoise…

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