Anne-Marie Chagnon

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After more than twenty-seven years of making her mark in the world of jewelry, here and on five continents, Anne-Marie Chagnon never stops reinventing herself. Passionate, authentic and continually inspired by the world around her, she perpetually reshapes the contours of her craft and continues to surprise and move.

«”My motto is to always be authentic. Jewelry is more than just a piece of metal. It’s a language we use to communicate who we are. It’s a very personal way of expressing ourselves, and for such a small object, it has great impact in the end.”. »

– Anne-Marie Chagnon

Anne-Marie creates original jewelry for women with an independent spirit. Each piece of jewelry she creates satisfies the wearer’s desire for self-expression.

Available on five continents, they are designed, created and manufactured in our Montreal workshops, encouraging the local economy while minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment. Pewter, the element used to make our jewelry, is cast in our own art foundry, right in the workshop. Our art foundry craftsmen master an artisanal technique that ensures the qualitý of the work thanks to the integration of innovative processes. We therefore take responsibility for all stages of jewelry development, from design to shipping and marketing. We are proud to contribute to maintaining Quebec’s tradition of high-quality jewelry manufacturing.

Presented at La Vitrine Québécoise…

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