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The purchase plan

For the sake of economy, for lack of interest in shopping or just because of we don’t have time, it happens that we spend a long time without hanging new pieces in our wardrobe.


Recently, Martin returned to our agency. He had just landed a new job and needed to revise his business wardrobe. His last visit was three years ago. What was our surprise to discover that he hadn’t bought a single piece since our last meeting!


If omitting to add a few essentials to your wardrobe during a season is not wise, three years without buying a single piece is sabotage!


There are many reasons for not updating your wardrobe: a major purchase (house, car, sailboat), a financial setback, the arrival of a baby in the family or the tragic “I finally met someone , I can now take it easy on the clothes side”.


Your image is important and deserves a good strategy. Here is the guide:


Define your needs
At work, we should have enough choice to combine our clothes in different ways for at least 7 days without wearing the same thing. This strategy will avoid the annoying Monday kit, Tuesday kit, Wednesday kit, etc.


Establish your priorities
As this plan can represent a significant investment, you should avoid trying to save money by buying cheap and poor quality pieces. Instead, try to balance your purchases. Vary the ranges so as to have a good share of better quality clothes (ideally the essential pieces), which you can coordinate with more affordable items (the more trendy clothes).


Plan future purchases
What items will need to be replaced soon? If lower quality clothes can have the best effect at first, they have the disadvantage of not lasting long (premature wear, discoloration, sagging of the fabric). These will be the first items to be replaced, with top quality pieces this time.


Keep your eyes opened!
Now that you have a plan, watch for the opportunity and take advantage of the deals if they show up.


Trick of the trade
Are you going through a tough time and your budget does not allow you to update your image?  Go for a few well chosen accessories. It’s the economical way to breathe new life into your look.

Marie-Claude Pelletier

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