Practical Guide For Strong Men

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Practical Guide For Strong Men

Being trendy and choosing the right clothes can be a feat when our size is not standard. Thanks to the keen knowledge of Emilie Lambert-Roy, stylist specializing in men’s fashion at Les Effrontés, we are trying to facilitate, gentlemen, the search for the perfect look.

Strong size or not?
Ok, you don’t have a flat stomach, you are strong, but you are not necessarily a big size. The XXL size is available in several stores. The two characteristics found in you are the prominent belly and the corpulent thigh.
Contrary to popular belief, narrow, close-fitting lines are not to be avoided.
“We want to create a line that foils the eye,” explains Émilie Lambert-Roy. You should use clothes cut close to the body, which does not mean tight-fitting, ”adds the young woman.

Strong men often choose clothes that are too large, which has the effect of increasing body build.
“I always bring them a smaller size,” said Ms. Lambert-Roy. Even the tall, stout man does the same thing to hide his belly, which results in the opposite effect. He seems lost in his clothes. ”
Once the size is determined, it is important to have the garment adjusted. “We must not forget that an XXL shirt is designed for a 6-foot-3 man, it often has to be shortened by a good length, same thing for the pants.”

What to privilege
The watchword is to structure. A sleeveless jacket or blazer is a good investment. However, the knitted tank top only accentuates your belly. For pants, go to the straight and narrow leg almost fitted, “often men are surprised, but it lengthens the leg”.
Think of distracting the eye upward with a hat, a small colored pocket handkerchief, in short, with accessories.

Here are some addresses that offer up to XXXL: Simons, Club Monaco, French Connections, MEXX. For larger sizes, there is the essential BOVET.

Marie-Claude Pelletier

Mon travail de styliste consiste à trouver ce qui traduira le plus clairement qui vous êtes ou aspirez devenir, simplement. Pour que vous soyez toujours en constante évolution avec vos contraintes et toutes vos contradictions.