How to Dress When Biking to Work

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How to Dress When Biking to Work

While many people are attracted to the idea of leaving public transit behind and riding their bike to work in peace, nobody wants to arrive dirty or sweaty to the office. To make sure this fast, cheap, and eco-friendly transportation method doesn’t ruin your whole day, let’s take a look at how to dress when riding your bike to work so that you arrive in a presentable state.

Wear breathable clothing

Because cycling is a mode of transportation as well as an athletic activity, some commutes can heat you right up, and this heat can quickly cause its share of negative effects. Most people who bike to work complain of sweating during the effort or even after they’ve gotten to their office. To solve this problem, it’s therefore necessary to wear clothes made of technical fibres that are specially designed for exercise and that let the heat evaporate. Whether it’s a shirt, sweater, or jacket, it has to be breathable so you can stay dry in the winter as well as the summer. Because it’s increasingly easy to get around cities on two wheels, these days, designers are offering more beautiful and stylish pieces that are specifically designed for cycling. The bicycle racer look is no more; brands now offer products that meet the requirements of bike commutes.  

Protect yourself from the weather

Because the weather can sometimes change very quickly, cyclists must consider wearing clothing that’s appropriate to the weather, especially rain, which can start falling on you without warning during your bike commute. It’s possible to find completely waterproof clothing that also has a beautiful design. In fact, there are trenchcoat or poncho-style jackets that are very stylish and easy to store in your bag once you get to work. As for your lower body, you should always have rain pants with you in your bag, since your legs may also get wet, whether it’s from a puddle on the ground or rain falling from the sky. Much like waterproof jackets, you can find breathable, waterproof rain pants that can easily be folded and stored in your backpack or luggage rack. That way, your work outfit will be ready to go underneath them, and you just have to take them off.

Invest in a suitable bag

If you plan to use your bike as your primary mode of transportation over the next few months, you’ll definitely save money, which you can partially reinvest in a bag that you can carry to your office and on your bike without being uncomfortable. In fact, whether it’s messenger bags, which promote sweating and impede movement, or backpacks, which aren’t suitable for all professional situations, the bag can be one of the things that forces you not to ride your bike to work. It’s worth noting that there are bags that are specially designed for bike commutes that definitely don’t look like it. Saddlebags, for example, which clip onto each side of the bike, are very elegant and practical, since they can easily hold your laptop as well as various other objects. In addition, unlike backpacks, saddlebags prevent your back from getting sweaty and easily distribute the weight on each side of the bike, thus making things easier for the rider.

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