How to dress well for a first interview

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How to dress well for a first interview

Before going to an interview, during the preparation phase, the question of what to wear on the big day comes up. When you arrive at an interview, it’s important to present a good image of yourself that will remain ingrained in the interviewer’s mind. The clothes you wear and your hairstyle, in addition to your words and gestures, will go a long way towards helping you accomplish your goal, which is to give off a good first impression!

Do some research on the company
To choose the right outfit for a first interview, you should learn a bit about the company’s values and its image. It’s possible to do some research on their website or move around in strategic locations to get a sense of the corporate culture and get inspired to create the perfect outfit for this meeting, which will impress the recruiter. You should rely on the company, but also adapt to the decision-maker. If you’re lucky enough to learn a bit about the profile of the person you’ll be meeting with, make sure you adapt to their style. If you’re dealing with a person older than you, for example, or a man who wears suits, then wear a suit to show your respect, elegance, and professionalism to that person.

Combine a professional outfit with a natural look
While imagining how you might dress yourself each day to go to this job as if it were already yours, try to come up with a professional outfit that suits you and whose elements might already be in your closet. Indeed, it’s not about totally transforming yourself to please, but rather showing off your personality in the professional world. Depending on the context, it’s therefore possible and highly appreciated to wear tailored pants along with a coloured top that suits you particularly well and that highlights some of your qualities. Bright colours give off a gentle, jovial image, while dark colours have a serious, stern air. To remain as natural as possible, you should also consider staying comfortable in your clothes and – above all – avoiding stressful situations due to an unsuitable or overdone outfit. You should therefore try to wear light, flexible materials to avoid sweating too much, feeling uncomfortable, or having to adjust your outfit several times during the interview.

Respect standards
Unless the company you’re interviewing with is clearly claiming to be nonconformist, you should always respect certain rules specific to the look you should have in order to have a professional interview. First of all, you should always have a neat look and attitude, and you should therefore arrive on the big day with clean, pressed clothes and waxed, unstained shoes. In addition, it’s always best to avoid wearing overly flashy clothes, jewelry, and accessories and garish colours that will divert attention away from your words. Forget about provocative or skintight clothes as well, which don’t give off a serious air and instead create a seductive rather than a professional image. If you have the financial means to do so and this is the job of your dreams, don’t hesitate to go shopping for some key pieces or ask a professional stylist for help finding the perfect outfit that will boost your self-confidence.

The chosen outfit depends almost entirely on the job you’re applying for and the company in question. The most important thing is that you remain credible at all times and that your image is consistent with what you’re going to say during the interview.

Marie-Claude Pelletier

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