Find THE Dress for a V-Shaped Body: 5 Essential Tips

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Find THE Dress for a V-Shaped Body: 5 Essential Tips

There’s nothing more feminine than a pretty dress, and yet, many women don’t yet know which style best showcases their body. Do you have an athletic figure? Follow our tips to choose the right dress for your V-shaped body that will put your femininity on full display!

1/The dresses to avoid

The secret to dressing properly as a woman with an athletic, “inverted pyramid” body is to focus on cuts and accessories that make you look more feminine. Don’t wear anything that might accentuate your bust or attract even more attention to your shoulders. In other words, avoid strapless dresses, spaghetti straps, shoulder straps, turtlenecks, wide trench-type collars, overly tight or short dresses, or dresses with horizontal stripes located on the upper body.

2/Choose the right neckline

V-necks or trapeze necklines are perfect for highlighting inverted pyramid body types, since they contrast with the width of the shoulders. In addition, if your chest is slender, you have the perfect body to sport a plunging neckline cut into a flowing material without the risk of falling into vulgarity!

3/The cuts to focus on

A dress for a V-shaped body should show off your waist, unless you have a prominent stomach. In that case, opt for a flowing, slightly flared cut that will properly balance your figure. Other forms, such as the trapeze dress and the peplum dress, are also perfect for changing it up a bit and playing around with the reliefs. To focus the volume lower down, try puffy or layered dresses! You can also choose dresses with sleeves to round off your shoulders.


Dresses that are too short are not recommended. However, those that come to just above the knees are perfect for showing off your legs, emphasizing your hips, and lengthening your figure at the same time. Once again, the shift dress is a safe bet that you absolutely must have in your closet, since it combines all these criteria in addition to being available in many patterns, colours, and materials. As for long dresses, avoid those that hug the body too tightly, as these make your hips look narrower. Choose flowing or flounced maxi dresses, ideally jersey dresses, and accessorize with a belt or jewelry.

5/Play around with graphics

The “volumizing” effect of a graphic dress allows it to structure your figure and gives you the illusion of having wider hips, which balances out your shoulders. You can also play around with colours by choosing a two-tone dress: the top colour should be darker than the bottom colour. In addition, they’re very trendy!

6/The essential accessory: the belt

A belt is the perfect accessory to emphasize your waist when you have a V-shaped body. However, make sure you don’t look too strapped-in! Wear a belt at waist height only if you have a flat stomach. If you have a few bulges, choose a low-waist belt instead, which will emphasize your hips. You can also liven up your dress with a nice slim-fit jacket to hug your hips and make a chic, feminine outfit. And don’t forget jewelry and high heels to go with it!

Now that you know the essential criteria, what dress models from our new spring-summer collection would you recommend to women with a V-shaped body?

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