Clothes for a 30 year old woman: how to assert yourself

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Clothes for a 30 year old woman: how to assert yourself

While the thirties are considered a golden age where we get to know ourselves, what we like, and what we don’t like, some existential questions may arise, such as what style to adopt, that are still a little unresolved! For many women, turning 30 makes them question a lot of things, and style is one of them.

Focus on the bare essentials to assert your style

At age thirty, even though your clothing budget might be larger than during your twenties, it’s not necessary to buy more. Indeed, the full affirmation of your femininity and your personality, which you want to express through your clothing style, doesn’t necessarily involve tonnes of different pieces. The best idea is to focus on buying the basics that are lacking from the affirmation of your own style. There’s no need to have tonnes of clothes in all the cupboards in your house; higher-quality basics made with modern and sophisticated materials and cuts will let you put together an outfit for every day of the week. That said, it’s also necessary to have fun by being bold and mixing and matching a few pieces with more character with the basics, as long as the complete outfit has a chic, elegant look!

Follow and use the current trends to create your own style

That’s it! You’re in your thirties now and you’re asking yourself whether you should still follow the trends. Yes, luckily, if you like fashion, you can still follow it, as long as you don’t spend all your time at the discount stores trying to figure out everything that’s happening in the women’s magazines. A 30-year-old woman is still young and shouldn’t age herself prematurely by imposing a certain standard on herself; she can afford to adopt a fashionable look by playing around with the trends. Seasonal colours, fashionable cuts… everything goes, as long as you’re using the trends to create a sleek, comfortable style in the image of your age group. The biggest challenge of this decade is juggling between outfits suited to your professional environment and those suited to your days off while highlighting your own personality. Your clothes can say a great deal about your maturity, so your outfits should be refined without being too shocking or provocative. At age 30, you should assert yourself and be able to please without a miniskirt. Go with skater cut or straight cut skirts, which are just as sexy when chosen based on your figure. Finally, you should avoid pieces that aren’t age-appropriate.

The essential pieces to have in your closet

The essential pieces in a 30-year-old woman’s closet are a pair of black pumps that can be worn with both a professional outfit and an evening outfit, a trench coat, raw denim jeans, a chic and beautiful handbag, tailored pants, medium-length skirts, classic and patterned dresses, blouses, and fine-knitted sweaters. Paired with accessories in seasonal colours or bolder graphic prints, the basics should ideally be neutral in colour: black, navy, white, grey, taupe, or chocolate. For the 30-year-old woman who wants to remain feminine, it’s possible to choose sweaters and combinations with bare shoulders or light necklines.
At age 30, you can finally wear almost anything, as long as your clothes let you feel comfortable in any situation and they’re in harmony with the woman and the personality and femininity that she wants to assert over the course of her thirties.

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