5 secrets of a successful capsule wardrobe

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5 secrets of a successful capsule wardrobe

A well-prepared capsule wardrobe is a superpower:
It offers maximum style, creating many looks with a minimum of pieces! With it, you’ll make it through winter and summer with a light, confident and stylish spirit!

Discover the secrets of a successful capsule wardrobe, to shine in all circumstances, at the office or on vacation!

by Camille Faure

What is a capsule?

It’s a selection of pieces, to create as many different looks as possible, with as few pieces as possible, and where each piece matches perfectly.


3 tops for 1 bottom

Ideal ratio for maximum style and ease of combination. Dresses / jumpsuits count for what will suit you best!


A maximum of essentials and a few strong pieces

Essentials are timeless and easy to match, while more extravagant pieces add character to a look that makes you unique.
The patterns, colors and cuts you choose must be in harmony with each other. Vary the pleasures by playing with volumes, textures and colors to bring relief and dynamism to your style.


Think function

Each item must be easily adaptable to the different activities and phases of your day, to accompany you from morning to night!


Accessories, the key to varied looks

They can transform your outfit in the blink of an eye, adding allure and precision to your style. Think of them to offer the touch of color that will sublimate a monochrome look, or define the line of a casual look.
Pay close attention to proportions, and combine a maximum of 3 colors for a perfect balance in your combinations.


The golden number of 7 outfits

Did you know that after 7 days, the brain forgets the first outfit worn?
There’s no need to clutter up to stay stylish! 7 outfits is the ideal number for a minimalist closet and light travel, 10 outfits for alternating days of the week.


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