5 Key Tips for Buying Clothes Online

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5 Key Tips for Buying Clothes Online

In its “Perspective” report published in March 2017, Desjardins affirmed that “the presence of retailers on the web is no longer an option, but an obligation.” You can find everything on the internet, but how do you buy your clothes online without making a mistake?

Buy your clothes online properly in 5 easy steps

Consumer confidence online keeps growing each year. But in order to buy your clothes online without slipping up, you should follow a few rules. It’s not uncommon for a piece of clothing not to match the idea you had of it based on the photo.

1. Shop in your country

It’s common to be misinformed by foreign websites regarding shipping fees and taxes. It’s not recommended for an inexperienced individual to shop on Chinese sites, for example, despite the attractive prices. The experience often results in:

  • hidden shipping fees
  • customs clearance costs to recover your package
  • trouble returning the merchandise in the event of an exchange or dissatisfaction
  • very unreliable communication with a French or English-speaking contact person

Some professionals are used to handling transactions on these sites and obtain wholesale conditions, but the casual buyer risks having a bad time. And having your purchases shipped long distances isn’t very environmentally friendly.

2. Too big or too small: how to know?

When you’re buying clothes, you usually like to be able to try them on. But what happens when you buy online? This is where the confidence we have in a particular retailer comes into play.

Who hasn’t ordered an XXL shirt from an Asian site offering unbeatable prices only to receive a piece of clothing fit for a child? This type of experience occurs frequently. By buying primarily from the website of a well-known brand or a trusted retailer, you’ll know that the garment you ordered will meet your expectations. Whether in terms of quality or in terms of fit, you’re less likely to be disappointed.

3. Safety first

Many sites offer various online payment solutions. Which ones are the safest?

While paying with PayPal or another online payment solution has its practical side, paying with a credit card is still preferable. Your credit card company will offer you stronger insurance in case any issues arise.

In all cases, always make sure that the transaction is secure from beginning to end. How? In the address bar of the website on your browser, check that it begins with “https” (and not “http”), which means that the exchange of sensitive confidential data is properly secured.

4. Avoid compulsive buying

Buying your clothes online carries a risk: compulsive buying. You can very quickly accumulate clothes unnecessarily because certain offers seemed irresistible.

If the clothes you bought online have to stay at the back of the closet because you didn’t really need them, there’s no point in having them. Collecting these great deals won’t give you more confidence in your style.

5. Know your figure

This can sometimes be a risky endeavour when buying clothes online. While you might like the way a garment fits a model, it won’t necessarily fit you so well once you try it on. Your figure involves a complete set of parameters:

  • neck size
  • shoulder width
  • chest and ribcage size
  • waist diameter
  • hip width
  • leg length
  • arm length


We’re all built differently. Check the possibilities of customizing these parameters before buying online.

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